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Thank you for checking out our creative project. We are Stinger (Kelsey) & Fringe (Emily). There's something about magick that invokes the poetic, like the unwritten rule that spells on TV simply must rhyme, if only for effect. In real life, rhyme and other sonic elements make incantations easier to memorize, and the natural elements... Continue Reading →

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REVIEW: Light Magic for Dark Times by Lisa Marie Basile

As its title and gorgeous design suggest, Light Magic for Dark Times is the gentlest kiss on the third eye for anyone curious to learn more about what witchcraft is, (a secular theory of) how it works, and how to start putting it into practice. Lisa Marie Basile recognizes that “witchcraft” is a very loaded... Continue Reading →

III: The Empress

Venus You smell like vetiver & jasmine ––the inside of your thigh sandalwood & rose. You love all that you touch. You are the way home to many of us lost at sea you ground us. Your body is home. The temple at which I lay bathed in its sweet light. yes. yes.     ... Continue Reading →

II: The High Priestess

  the woman in the sanctuary not seeking forgiveness. the moon in the woman pulling at the womb un bedeviled. the communion wine not unholy. the spirit behind the curtain, not above the clouds. the salve not salvation, but spirit. the fruit eaten in the underworld not in the book but lingering red under the... Continue Reading →

Mabon Tarot Spread

The last couple years have been major periods of transition, and I feel that most in my season spreads. Without fail, I pull a card that tells me, "Shit's rough right now, but you're going to pull through it. It'll be okay, because you're strong enough to face this." I love to reflect, to see... Continue Reading →

0 – The Fool

They see the last shadow of me turning into an alleyway like it’s carpeted with lush grass & I’m barefoot, after something around that corner as real as the light bouncing off this daisy. The town built me & yes, I left them. Yes, I had to muffle the family dog’s smart bark in stray... Continue Reading →

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