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Thank you for checking out our creative project. We are Stinger (Kelsey) & Fringe (Emily). There's something about magick that invokes the poetic, like the unwritten rule that spells on TV simply must rhyme, if only for effect. In real life, rhyme and other sonic elements make incantations easier to memorize, and the natural elements... Continue Reading →

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VIII: Strength

She’s got that kind of mojo— only comes from crazy exercise. Doing nothing but breathing, running from nothing but her weakness. Caring for animals.   Who knows what she’s doing prying open that can of teeth? Doesn’t break her stride stretching her metaphor to fit all your plastic containers. She’s a mad alchemist building righteousness... Continue Reading →


Like the worst kind of Hallmark movie, the kind that gets you right in the feels despite yourself, a New Year’s Resolution for 2019 snuck up and caught me by surprise.

Pulling A Yearly Spread

One of my favorite spreads to complete is the upcoming yearly spread. It's an intense reading, as you draw thirteen cards, but it feels like a natural beginning to my new year. You might be asking, "Thirteen cards? Why thirteen cards?" Great question. Well, personally, I love the number 13. It's a great number. The... Continue Reading →

VII: The Chariot

dear heart your eyes are on fire unyielding the lion on your chest speaking tongues noble heart I commend your bravery with hands tied fire licking your feet devouring divine heart I took your name in oil trying to foretell the future the lines in the palm of your hand cupping  mine ––Fringe  

VI: The Lovers

this last dear season my love / you and I in a wood-clearing in secret   each by our own machete and Cupid’s mischief lost our lives in the wild / found this / understanding /   the barrel’s about to turn on this sight forever / remember / our eyes locked through a keyhole... Continue Reading →

V: The Hierophant

"Stained"   throats ache beg a reprieve from neverending thirst faces look skyward implore clouds for rain, for a return to before before loss before grief before blood, dripping down swollen fingertips asking: why have you forsaken me? is this the sacrifice you require? fire licking at our feet as we plead for redemption ––Fringe

IV: The Emperor

Your picture always makes me a little sad and flipping it upside-down is heresy.   The scraped knees of a child brought up in a stone courtyard, the strain of the arm.   You grabbed the closest thing, an empty suit of armor, wore it dull praying to the   man before you. I nursed... Continue Reading →

III: The Empress

Venus You smell like vetiver & jasmine ––the inside of your thigh sandalwood & rose. You love all that you touch. You are the way home to many of us lost at sea you ground us. Your body is home. The temple at which I lay bathed in its sweet light. yes. yes.     ... Continue Reading →

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